The Butterfly Hunter

By Geinor Styles
In partnership with Swansea Museum, National Waterfront Museum and Technocamps


Why are there so many different species?

Multi award-winning Theatr na nÓg invite you on an adventure with one of the greatest scientists of all time, as he seeks to answer this age-old conundrum.

Born in Wales, Alfred Russel Wallace came up with the theory of evolution at the same time as Charles Darwin after stumbling upon an unusual beetle in the Neath Valley. Set sail on a fantastic journey from Wales to Brazil and the Malay Archipelago, exploring jungles and remote islands as we follow in Wallace’s footsteps and see how his theory came to light.

The play includes magical storytelling, an interactive element in which the audience embark on their own expedition and the chance to:

* Learn what life was like for Victorian explorers
* Uncover the secrets of the amazing natural world around you
* Find out how you can support nature with environmentalism, sustainability and conservation

Perfect for Years 3 and 4

This production marks the 30th year of Theatr na nÓg’s school theatre project at the Dylan Thomas Theatre. Join us to celebrate three decades of eye-opening stories and workshops from our museum partners, designed to inspire children to see the world around them from new perspectives.

Performance Times

Performances in English: 5 September – 4 October
Performances in Welsh: 15 – 25 October

Performances at 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday

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