Stretching the literacy skills of more able and talented pupils

Abersychan Cluster – Blaenavon, Garnteg, Victoria Village, Cwmffrwdoer Primaries and Abersychan High

Through the prism of multiculturalism, Blaenavon Heritage VC Primary and its partners, Garnteg Primary, Victoria Village Primary, Cwmffrwdoer and Abersychan High School, have been stretching the literacy skills of their more able and talented learners. Year 6 pupils from the primaries and year 7 pupils from the high school have been looking at issues regarding identity, belonging and heritage.

This active project was a product of close partnership working between the cluster of primaries and the secondary, which looked to give more able and talented students more control over how they developed their written and oral communication skills. To begin with, this intervention took place separately at each school, with pupils considering what it would be like to move to a new village, a fictional place created collaboratively between the schools.

Pupils were encouraged to write about this imagined experience, producing poetry and creative writing that conveyed the emotional experience of fitting into a new community. This work was shared between the schools, with pupils’ work being used to inspire others. To support the theme of culture and identity, the school worked with Ballet Nimba, who inspired the children through getting them to participate in a style of dancing native to the company’s homeland, Guinea.

The project ended with an open day for parents where the schools came together to perform the dance they had been rehearsing with Ballet Nimba. All the written work done by learners was also put on display for parents to see, with a video showing the journeys each school had taken as part of the project.

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