Polly VerityArtist


Email: op@polyscene.com

Website: polyscene.com


Public Liability Insurance:

Welsh Language Level: 1. I can pronounce Welsh personal and place-names correctly, and I can give and respond to basic greetings on the telephone or in person.

Can you work off site?:

Can you work from your premises?:


Studio Location: Gelli Aur (Golden Grove), Carmarthen

Remote Streaming:

School Areas Covered: Carmarthenshire , Ceredigion , Neath Port Talbot , Pembrokeshire , Powys , Swansea

Art Form: Sculpture


Purely by folding, Polly Verity creates three-dimensional geometric repeat patterns in paper. The results are low relief paper sculptures. Most of her designs are based on straight-line folds although many now incorporate or are completely made from folded curves.

Polly Verity also creates bent wire work, cold forming wire using pliers to create mythological beasts and other creatures. A wireframe exoskeleton is created to describe the form and then the creature is coated in a taut layer of paper 

Polly enjoys and is experienced in hosting workshops in the following:

- Folded Paper and Origami Techniques. Geometric as well as organic forms

- Wire and Paper Sculpture (usually creatures)

- Large scale Willow and Paper Sculpture (usually creatures)


 DBS - Happy to apply as needed. Last had one in Scotland where a new one was needed for each project


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