Pam KerrArtist




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Welsh Language Level: 1. I can pronounce Welsh personal and place-names correctly, and I can give and respond to basic greetings on the telephone or in person.

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School Areas Covered: Carmarthenshire , Ceredigion , Pembrokeshire

Art Form: 3D Design , Other , Printmaking , Textiles


At present I am very involved with ceramics. The changing nature of clay through its different forms, from digging it out of the earth, processing it, shaping it, firing it, to the possibility of drinking out of a beautiful cup. 

The involvment in this process of transformation has many opportunities and possibilities for relating to changes we encounter in life. It can tell stories. We can tell stories with it.

Handling clay can be very therapeutic. It can also be used as an educational tool for exploring so many subjects. 


Subject Level School/College/University End Date
Ceramics, Jewellery, 3D designer Maker BA Carmarthen School of Art 2018