Louise MorganArts Champion


Specialist Skills: Painting, drawing, textiles, mixed media

Welsh Language Level: 2. I can communicate routine tasks requiring a simple exchange of information on familiar topics and activities. I can handle very short social exchanges, even though I can't usually understand enough to keep the conversation going myself.

Areas: Carmarthenshire

Arts Champion's Statement

I have worked as a specialist Art and Design teacher across a wide range settings and phases from the Foundation Phase through to Year 11. This breadth of experience has provided me with invaluable opportunities to develop my practice. I have produced a range of teaching and learning resources and currently deliver CPD workshops.

In recent years I have worked in an ESBD special school and PRU centre.

Creative learning experiences have a significant therapeutic role within our setting. Working in an art space, which is both liberating and supportive ensures our young people value the creative making process and access this to support their wellbeing and self-management.

I have worked closely with the Oriel Myrddin gallery for a number of years. Accessing the gallery offers our young people space and pace, two vital ingredients that allow them to experiment and find time for creative expression. It has been a pleasure to witness enquiring minds asking questions and searching for answers. I have worked on a number of collaborative arts projects including; Reach the Heights, Momentum ( Phase 1 and 11) , Artists as Learners, Lead Creative School, and I am currently working on a Creative Collaboration project with the Oriel Myrddin and Carmarthen School of Art.

All projects highlight the value of working with artists and makers to access expertise and build positive relationships in a working environment.


'STEAM' Project - Summer 2016.