Rachel PrinceArtist


E-bost: rjprince71@hotmail.co.uk

Gwefan: www.heartfelt2inspire.co.uk


DBS – Dyddiad Dyroddi: 2018

DBS – Enw’r Cyflogwr: new directions

Yswiriant Atebolrwydd Cyhoeddus:

Lefel Iaith Gymraeg: 1. Gallaf ynganu enwau personol a lleoedd Cymreig yn gywir yn ogystal ag ymateb i gyfarchion sylfaenol dros y fffôn neu mewn person.

Allwch chi weithio oddi ar y safle?:

Allwch chi weithio o’ch adeilad?:


Ffrydio o bell:

Yr Ardaloedd Ysgol a wasanaethir: Sir Gaerfyrddin , Ceredigion , Castell-Nedd Port Talbot , Sir Benfro , Powys , Abertawe

Math o Gelf: Celf Cysyniadol , Arall , Cerflun , Cymdeithasol ac Amgylcheddol , Tecstilau


I am a felter and a teacher.  I would like to be able to use my skills and experience to open up new ways of working with the curriculum, to spark the creativity within each of us and encourage and nurture the interest in expressing through the use of our senses. 

I use wool straight from the sheep, clean it, dye some of it and use it to create amazing pieces of art in either 2d or 3d. It can be used to make pictures large and small, creatures real or imagined. Bring stories to life, add a visual dimension to things within our imagination or a realism to mathematical challenges. 

I enjoy bringing in other materials to create and build art work that allows for thinking outside the box, that makes us stop and look again. Art that encompasses everyone, allows collaboration and compromise from all ages. Art that grows, morphs and changes as we use materials and pushes their use into new areas, Learning that sends us to the moon, far flung places, to the depths of the deepest sea or densest forest. 

'those that don't believe in magic will never find it' Roald Dahl The Minpins