Pip WoolfArtist


E-bost: gilpip@gmail.com


DBS – Dyddiad Dyroddi: 2014

DBS – Enw’r Cyflogwr: Caerphilly Borough Council

Yswiriant Atebolrwydd Cyhoeddus:

Allwch chi weithio oddi ar y safle?:

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Lleoliad y Stiwdio: Llangynidr NP8 1NU

Ffrydio o bell:

Yr Ardaloedd Ysgol a wasanaethir: Sir Gaerfyrddin , Ceredigion , Castell-Nedd Port Talbot , Sir Benfro , Powys , Abertawe

Math o Gelf: Arlunio , Arall , Paentio , Gwneud Printiau , Cymdeithasol ac Amgylcheddol



I am a visual artist, curious about how we as human beings are part of a dynamic and limited life system. Drawing underpins all aspects of my work as I seek to capture the mark that articulates the subtle nuances of behaviour, informs understanding and inspires insight in to the complexities of relationship and power.


I put myself alongside others in order to find points of connection; artists, students, farmers, politicians, travellers, whoever enters my view, taking cues from their world to extend the lexicon of my marks. That I have worked with people of all ages and ability enriches my studio work and extends my capacity to engage with new situations; conversely one experience benefits others so my studio work inevitably is shared with those I work with.


I use found colour, physical material and elemental forces within conceptual frameworks to create work that offers a response with full integrity.

My current work (2017) is an ongoing enquiry into the intersection of art and dementia.



Drawing Woollenlines. Animated drawing
Seed fiddling on Pen trumau, a midsummer morning event