Leanne ReesArtist


E-bost: littlelea80@gmail.com

Yr Ardaloedd Ysgol a wasanaethir: Abertawe


I am a primary school teacher with a passion for the arts in general and am particularly interested in visual art and dance. As Expressive Arts lead in my school I have been involved with many cross curricular projects involving the arts, from Eisteddfod week celebrations, school shows and productions and Creative Arts whole school exhibitions.

I believe firmly that the role of the arts in school is key in all schools to ensure pupils have a broad and rich education and understand how vitally important it is for children to have access to this area of the curriculum.

I have travelled the world and my extensive travel has given me exposure to different cultures, beliefs and ways of living that have helped me in my position as a teacher. I have experienced, first hand, the creative arts in many diverse countries and this has influenced my personal creativity and broadened my teaching.