Kath Morton-SmithArtist


E-bost: kathmorton70@yahoo.co.uk


DBS – Dyddiad Dyroddi: 21/11/2016

DBS – Enw’r Cyflogwr: Arts Council Wales

Yswiriant Atebolrwydd Cyhoeddus:

Lefel Iaith Gymraeg: 1. Gallaf ynganu enwau personol a lleoedd Cymreig yn gywir yn ogystal ag ymateb i gyfarchion sylfaenol dros y fffôn neu mewn person.

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Ffrydio o bell:

Yr Ardaloedd Ysgol a wasanaethir: Powys , Abertawe

Math o Gelf: Codio Cyfrifiadur , Ddogfennol , Fideo Cerddoriaeth , Arall


I am an educator and creative practitioner with a background in video production and digital technology currently working on the Lead Creative Schools Scheme in Wales.

I lead innovative digital projects in schools which incorporate strands of the DCF - interacting and collaborating, producing, data and computational thinking. A recent project involved co-designing creatures which were made from felt with a central interactive display using BBC Micro:bits and LED's sewn into the circuit for the eyes. They programmed the Microbits to react to pressing buttons (the inputs) and their pets responded by blinking their LED "eyes" (the outputs).The creative skills that the children and teachers developed were persistence, collaboration and discipline.

Another project involved co-designing and co-producing an interactive recreation of Llancaeach Fawr Manor using Minecraft in Education software. This was aligned to raising standards in literacy in particular creative writing. The output was a live interactive demo of tudor characters living in the manor set in a richly textured world built in Minecraft. The children also did screen recordings of an oral retelling of their stories whilst being guided around their creations.




Pwnc Lefel Ysgol/Coleg/Prifysgol Dyddiad ymadael
Introduction to Teaching Level 4 Certificate Accredited by the University of South Wales Dec 2004
Documentary Film Production Post Graduate Diploma School of Journalism, University of Cardiff Dec 1996
Ecology and Conservation Degree Sussex University Jun 1994

Hyfforddiant Proffesiynol

Teitl Gwybodaeth ychwanegol Dyddiad
Lead Creative Schools Through The Arts Provided by ACW and CCE May 2016
Managing Volunteers & Safeguarding in Schools Provided by ILM Mar 2015
Raspberry Pi Certificated Educator Raspberry Pi Foundation Nov 2016