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DBS – Dyddiad Dyroddi: 7/8/2018

DBS – Enw’r Cyflogwr: University of South Wales - Play & Music Therapy

Yswiriant Atebolrwydd Cyhoeddus:

Lefel Iaith Gymraeg: 1. Gallaf ynganu enwau personol a lleoedd Cymreig yn gywir yn ogystal ag ymateb i gyfarchion sylfaenol dros y fffôn neu mewn person.

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Ffrydio o bell:

Yr Ardaloedd Ysgol a wasanaethir: Sir Gaerfyrddin , Ceredigion , Castell-Nedd Port Talbot , Sir Benfro , Abertawe

Math o Gelf: Dawns , Cerddoriaeth , Naratif , Ffotograffiaeth , Rhyddiaith , Song Ysgrifennu


I am a west Wales based fiddle player, tutor and writer with 30 years’ experience as a performing musician.

My main areas of work revolve around traditional/Celtic/Welsh music and folk songs, plus social and morris dancing, though I have experience of other genres too.

Music has always been part of my life and, following a 20 year career as a journalist and newspaper editor, I have been a full-time musician since April 2016.

I have a particular interest in the role music can play in health and well-being. I am currently training to be a music therapist, studying part time for an MA in Music Therapy.

Music and journalism/writing related activities are easily adapted to fit any specific curriculum and seasonal needs. Activities could range from playing the spoons/junk percussion and learning to play together, to improvisation and expression through sounds or telling a story/calling for social change through song. Music, song and dance provide a great opportunity for learners to not only experience new activities, but also share information with others and have a voice. There is the opportunity to incorporate many areas of learning including literacy and communication, history/social history/community empowerment, geography/sense of place, digital skills/technology, health and much more. 

In addition to my own work, I also regularly collaborate with other traditional/acoustic musicians and a social dance specialist offering the chance to experience dances from various European countries.


Hyfforddiant Proffesiynol

Teitl Gwybodaeth ychwanegol Dyddiad
Community music tutor training Community Music Wales Feb 2018
Qualified senior journalist National Council for the Training of Journalists Sept 2000
Safeguarding Pembrokeshire County Council (Tier 1). Also, University of South Wales Oct 2018


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