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DBS – Dyddiad Dyroddi: 2015

DBS – Enw’r Cyflogwr: At date of last issue Age Cymru

Yswiriant Atebolrwydd Cyhoeddus:

Lefel Iaith Gymraeg: 1. Gallaf ynganu enwau personol a lleoedd Cymreig yn gywir yn ogystal ag ymateb i gyfarchion sylfaenol dros y fffôn neu mewn person.

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Yr Ardaloedd Ysgol a wasanaethir: Sir Gaerfyrddin , Ceredigion , Sir Benfro

Math o Gelf: Dawns , Celf Perfformio , Theatr Gorfforol


I work as a dancer, performer, theatre maker and community arts leader. I am a practicing, performing artist and hope to offer a fresh, ever-current approach to working with people. I come from Arctic Finland but have made my home in Wales, I value rich relationship with place.

Through creative body and movement based activities we can learn through discovery, practice well-being and understand that sustainability starts with ourselves, from our understanding of our own body as part of Earth. 

In my years of experience of working with children I have found that regular movement activities:

Help children process new information (learning) by embodying it in all their muscles and senses - we are supporting different learning styles

Allow children to make healthy choices
Cultivate positive body awareness and sensorimotor development, locating a strong sense of self and encouraging a dynamic relationship with the environment. 

Release tension and “held” emotion, allowing freedom of expression through movement.
Increase children’s life skills in managing their own bodies, including the   ability to interchange rest and activity. 
Give children the confidence to present themselves well. 
Encourage curiosity about others and cultivate bodily empathy. 
Lead to improved concentration and a positive learning environment. 


Pwnc Lefel Ysgol/Coleg/Prifysgol Dyddiad ymadael
International Baccalaureate United World College of the Atlantic 05/1989
Acting London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art 07/1992

Hyfforddiant Proffesiynol

Teitl Gwybodaeth ychwanegol Dyddiad
Touch Trust Practitioner training and qualified Trainer 01/2011
Mindfulness for Life Qualified to teach 8 week Introduction to Mindfulness 11/2017
Numerous CPD courses Somatic Movement and Community Dance 1992-2018