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Criw Celf provides children and young people with an opportunity to develop their artistic skills working outside of a school setting alongside professional artists in a variety of different gallery and site-specific settings. In the same way that an orchestra or choir provides an opportunity for young musicians to join together to perform, Criw Celf offers an opportunity for aspiring young visual artists to spend time with their peers and professional artists developing their talent.

Criw CelfCriw Celf introduces the young people to a rich and varied menu of artistic genres (eg painting, sculpture, ceramics, glasswork, 3D work, printing, jewellery-making) and opens their eyes to the breadth of career possibilities that art can lead to. It includes occasional trips to galleries and special events. Each young person is given an art pack containing a range of quality art materials which they can use at home in between sessions. There are opportunities for the young people’s creative work to be exhibited in professional settings.

Models of the programme vary but all share a common goal to develop young talent through working with professional artists. Across Wales, Criw Celf currently provides opportunities for artistic potential to be nurtured from primary age right up to A level.

Here are the Criw Celf projects in Mid and West Wales.


Coleg Sir Gar

Mission Gallery

Oriel Davies

Oriel Myrddin