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Creative Learning Through The Arts

‘Creative Learning through The Arts- an Action Plan for Wales’ sets out a range of new opportunities for children and young people across wales. At the core of this activity will be learning about the arts and culture, participating in the arts and developing creative skills across the curriculum.

What is Creative Learning Through the Arts?

• Using the arts as a teaching tool to improve student performance and achievement across the curriculum.
• Visiting arts venues or working with arts practitioners in order to enhance knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.

In 2014 the Welsh Government agreed to all twelve of the recommendations of Professor Dai Smith’s report on the review of Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales (2013). In his report Professor Dai Smith stated:

“Research and studies from the UK and Ireland highlight the vital role of culture and creativity in providing a more rounded overall education that develops creative and entrepreneurial qualities, confidence and wider skill sets in the learner”.

He also stated that:

“In a number of instances, research cited within the studies also highlights more specific findings related to improvements in literacy and numeracy and correlates these with learner participation in certain art forms”.

Minister for Education and Skills, Huw Lewis said:

“The Arts have the potential to capture a young person’s imagination and unleash their creativity. I want all learners across Wales, regardless of their background or personal circumstances, to have access to high quality arts and creative experiences”.

What is The Plan?
There are 2 strands to the plan.
• The Lead Creative Schools scheme
• The All-Wales Arts and Education Programme

The Lead Creative Schools scheme
This is a schools improvement initiative to help create bespoke programmes to improve the quality of teaching and learning. A Lead Creative School will have access to creative people, skills and resources to support them and to address any particular learning challenges they are facing.

Find out more: Lead Creative Schools scheme

The All-Wales Arts and Education Programme
This provides hands-on help from artists and creative organisations who will come into schools to complement teaching across the curriculum. It will be delivered via the Regional Arts and Education Networks.

The four Regional Arts and Education Networks cover the same areas as the existing Regional Education Consortia. They work with schools, the Regional Education Consortia, local authorities and stakeholders in the education, arts, creative, cultural and heritage sectors to increase and improve arts experiences and opportunities in schools.

They do this by building bridges between the education sector and arts practitioners; arts, culture and heritage organisations and providers; and venues such as museum, libraries and archives.

How can you get involved?


If you are a teacher, head teacher or teaching assistant you can find arts practitioners and creative organisations by registering with this website and searching our database.

Arts practitioners

You can register with this website to showcase your skills and experience so education providers can contact you to work with them.

Opportunities for young people

The Education Programme also encourages schools to provide children and young people with opportunities to go one step further in their exploration of cultural and arts experiences via the Creative learning through the arts grant. This is made up of two strands.

• Go and See
• Creative Collaborations

Go and See
This scheme encourages schools to take young people to arts and cultural activities. A school can apply for up to £1,000 and can help to cover transport and entry costs: Go and See scheme

Creative Collaborations
This scheme enables schools and arts, cultural and heritage organisations to work together to deliver unique and innovative projects. Schools can apply for up to £25,000: Creative Collaborations

Find out more: All-Wales Arts and Education Programme.

Associated resources

Creative Learning Zone
The Creative Learning Zone is an interactive portal to encourage collaboration between the education and arts, culture and heritage sectors. It also hosts digital resources for the classroom and for teacher training as well as case studies, latest news and upcoming events.