Transition event opportunity for schools in Powys

Over the last year, Impelo have been developing CELL, a short dance piece for KS2 and KS3 learners, alongside science partners at Oxford University and Imperial College London. Inspired by life in the lab, the movement and actions of cells and the folding of DNA, CELL is a playful exploration of cell biology and immunology. Now, thanks to funding from the Ashley Family Foundation and Powys Churches endowment fund they have an exciting transition opportunity for Powys High Schools and their feeder schools.

Impelo want to bring CELL LAB to Powys high schools as an engagement opportunity for feeder primaries.  Their inspiring inflatable set provides the backdrop for 2 – 3 performances per day, creative learning workshops exploring the science of the cell through dance, dance and science games and a potential additional twilight session for teachers on the creative focus of the new curriculum. Year 6 pupils could meet your science team and look around your science department. The program is also suitable for KS3 learners.  Teacher and student learning resources will be available to all schools taking part in CELL LAB. Funding has allowed us to offer this package for just £2 per pupil.

You can view the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/user41758494.

For full information please contact stella@impelo.org.uk