Arts Champions

Who are the Arts Champions?

  • Experienced teachers of the arts in primary or secondary education.
  • Experienced arts practitioners.

What do the Arts Champions do?

They are a resource for schools and teachers to consult when drafting and implementing creative learning plans. They do this by:

  • Promoting and sharing best practice.
  • Providing training and support.
  • Acting as a peer role model via observed lessons.
  • Providing the regional network with insight on what’s happening in schools and the arts as well as guidance/advice on training needs.

What will your school gain from the Arts Champions?

  • Support for the school in developing creative learning experiences for children and enhancing opportunities for their literacy and numeracy development.
  • Support for the school in preparing for the new curriculum as outlined in ‘Successful Futures’.
  • Enhancement of creative learning activity throughout the school.
  • Opportunities for professional learning for teachers/practitioners.
  • The school improvement plan can be linked to activities that the Arts Champions deliver.
  • Enhancing skills by providing first-hand experience of high standard art forms in the classroom.
  • The Arts Champion scheme is fully funded and will be no cost to the school /organisation, the scheme will pay for supply cover and travel expenses for the teacher/practitioner fees in line with supply cover costs.

How can you get the help of the Arts Champions?

You will see details of the creative subject area and locations of the Arts Champions on their individual pages. Contact your nearest and most appropriate Arts Champion by submitting a contact form via the link on their page.