NAWR is the Arts and Education Network for Mid and West Wales, run by UWTSD and working in partnership with ERW.  The network is one of the central pillars of ‘Creative Learning through the Arts’ – a five year arts and education action plan created and implemented by the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales. The main focus of NAWR’s activity is the provision of high quality professional learning events for teachers and arts practitioners that support them to provide creative, engaging arts-based experiences for learners in schools.

NAWR is based on a shared commitment to the provision of a fertile learning environment in which children can thrive through involvement in engaging, creative educational experiences.

NAWR seeks to generate confidence and creativity in teachers, learners and practitioners through inclusive, collaborative, process-driven, arts-based projects and professional learning opportunities.

NAWR aims to embed sustainable creative learning opportunities in schools across the region. NAWR will provide an opportunity to share the innovation and professional learning inherent in inspiring examples of creative education from across Wales and around the world.

NAWR works bilingually and embraces the resonance of language and culture to support the development of confident, informed individuals with a real sense of belonging.

There are four Regional Arts and Education Networks. These are drawn on the same boundaries as the existing Regional Education Consortia.

The Networks work with schools, the Regional Education Consortia, local authorities and stakeholders in the education, arts, creative, cultural and heritage sectors in these four regions.

The Networks are intended to increase and improve arts experiences and opportunities in schools by forging links between: teachers, educationalists and partners from the education sector; arts practitioners, arts organisations and venues; cultural and heritage organisations and venues such as museums, libraries and archives; local authority arts providers, including music services; higher education arts and cultural partners; the creative industries sector.

A film showcasing the work of the four Arts and Education Networks in Wales established to take forward actions in the ‘Creative Learning Through the Arts’ programme, including brokering relationships between the arts and education sectors.