200 Go and See Grants!

Did you know that the dandelion flower produces 200 seeds? Neither did we until Google told us. Which is in no way a tenuous link to announcing that yesterday we approved our 200th Go and See grant! It is fantastic to see so many schools making full use of this fund to experience high-quality arts all over Wales. Make sure you check out your Regional Arts and Education Network’s websites for more ideas of experiences that schools might like to apply for funding of up to £1000 to cover the cost of tickets and transport.

And don’t forget if you’re an arts organisation you can also send your local network details about events you have coming up in the new term to add to their listings for schools.

Creative Collaborations

If your nose is pressed against the window on this grey and rainy August day, then why not use this time to start plotting and planning ready for the Creative Collaborations deadline on September 24th?

The Creative Collaborations fund is a truly unique opportunity to push boundaries. Think ambitiously; don’t be afraid of scale and experimentation – genuine innovation is key. Put business as usual to one side, and dare to dream big. Collaboration is the heart of this fund; working together with your stakeholders to create projects that demonstrably go ‘one step further’ will be crucial to your application.